Double Room
AMI: 9638

We strive to respond more effectively to the needs of this new audience, both buyer and owner. In this context, our team is made up of competent and motivated real estate agents with the purpose of providing an exclusive service, appropriate to each Client that seeks us or that is addressed by us.

The diverse training and professional experience of our employees allows them a global view of the real estate world and thus provide a more effective response to market expectations, with the aim of promoting a solid and lasting relationship with the Client. Honesty is a motto present in the professional activity of our consultants, conveying a message of trust to our Clients and Partners.
We also count on the support of digital marketing experts to establish and expand our network of contacts in order for our message to reach the target audience we define.

We have promotional materials, agreements with national and international websites, optimizing our strategic location and promoting the promotion of the most relevant products, resulting in a significant increase in the interest of the buying public.

We have a communication team that develops the appropriate actions for each promotional campaign and strategic positioning of the Double Area brand, gradually giving it the desired notoriety.

About us

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